Learn SuperNova: Custom Highlighting

An introduction to creating your own custom highlighting scheme within SuperNova. For SuperNova Magnifier, Magnifier & Speech, Magnifier & Screen Reader and Screen Reader.


Sarah: SuperNova allows you to create custom highlighting schemes, tailored to your specific eye condition.

To create your custom highlighting scheme, simply open the control panel, click the highlighting drop down arrow and from the menu, click settings.

The custom highlighting options allow you to determine how the mouse, cursor, line and focus are highlighted. 

You can choose whether each of these types of focus are highlighted by clicking the tick box at the top of each tab. A preview of the highlighting will be displayed as you customize it.

Each type of focus allows you to determine the shape of the highlighting, the colour of the highlighting and when the highlighting is shown. Experiment with the different options until you find the settings that work best for you. 

SuperNova: Dolphin SuperNova, for every visual impairment.

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