Learn SuperNova: Mouse Pointers

A guide to SuperNova's custom mouse pointers. For SuperNova Magnifier, Magnifier & Speech, and Magnifier & Screen Reader.


SuperNova comes with custom mouse pointers that are designed to be easier to see than the standard Windows mouse pointer.

To set a different mouse pointer, simply open the control panel and click the mouse pointers button from the button bar. SuperNova includes three preset mouse pointer schemes, you can view your chosen mouse pointer by clicking apply. 

You can customize these schemes by selecting the mouse pointer type and then selecting the pointer image.

If you wish to go back to SuperNova’s default, you can do so by clicking the return to default button. 

You can also create your own mouse pointer scheme, by clicking ‘New’, naming the scheme, and then selecting your preferred image for each mouse pointer type.

If you want to change the magnification level, but keep the mouse pointer the same size, you can click ‘Use custom pointer size’ and select the size you want your mouse pointer to remain, no matter how much you magnify your screen.

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