Learn SuperNova: Touchscreen Magnification for Windows

Find out how people with low vision can explore the latest Windows tablets and touch screen laptops with SuperNova. For SuperNova Magnifier, Magnifier & Speech, and Magnifier & Screen Reader. For more help and support, visit https://yourdolphin.com/support


If you have low vision, you can still easily use the latest: tablets, touch screen laptops and monitors with simple gestures.

One finger explores documents and apps, 2 fingers zoom in and out, and 3 fingers let you change colours and switch magnifier on and off.

(Title flies in reading “One Finger”)

David: One Finger

See everything displayed by sliding your finger across the screen. Pan the magnifier more quickly by flicking. When you want to open a document or app, just tap.

You can still open the Windows Charms bar or switch to a different application by sliding one finger in from the edge of the screen.

Text at your finger tip can be spoken. Keep your finger still on the item you want read aloud.

SuperNova: Control Panel

David: If you want to personalise the layout of items on screen, double tap one finger, and hold the second tap to drag.

(Title flies in reading “Two Fingers”)

David: Two Fingers

In any document and app you can change the magnification level to make text and images easier to see. Get more on screen by pinching 2 fingers together to make everything smaller, or stretch 2 fingers apart to zoom in.


(Title flies in reading “Three fingers”)

David: Three Fingers

For some eye conditions, changing contrast can make reading more comfortable. And sometimes, it’s just helpful to see the screen without magnification.

Tap 3 fingers to display the Supernova’s Touch Bar. Convenient buttons change screen colours and show the high contrast large print keyboard. When you are finished with the touch bar, tap with 3 fingers to hide the buttons until you need them again.

You can see the whole screen any time by quickly double tapping with 3 fingers to turn the magnifier Off and On.

Remember, 1 finger moves the magnifier, opens apps, and speaks text, pinching 2 fingers together or apart changes the amount of magnification, and tap with 3 fingers to find more magnifier options including changing contrast.