Learn SuperNova: Character Echo

A short tutorial showing you how to use the Character Echo settings in SuperNova.


Sarah: SuperNova’s Character Echo options allow you to change what SuperNova says as you type.

You can have SuperNova say each letter you type…

SuperNova: Capital E, X, A, M, P, L, E.

Sarah: ...each word…

SuperNova: Example.

Sarah: ...both letters and words…

SuperNova: T, E, X, T, Text.

Sarah: ...Or say nothing at all.

To change SuperNova’s character echo, open the control panel, select the speech menu, and select character echo, then select your preferred character echo setting.

You can also move through the character echo options by pressing caps lock and semi colon. This hotkey is useful when writing emails as you can quickly change the character echo to letters when typing the email address.

SuperNova: M, A, I, L, At, J, O, H, N, S, M.

Sarah: ...and then quickly change to just words when typing the message.

SuperNova: Dear. John. Smith.