Learn SuperNova: Quick Navigation with the Dolphin Cursor

A short tutorial showing you how to find links with the Dolphin Cursor in SuperNova. For more help and support, visit https://yourdolphin.com/support


Sarah: You can use the Dolphin cursor to follow links. When you have navigated to a link you wish to follow…

SuperNova: Dolphin link. Products Link. Downloads Link.

Sarah: ...simply press Enter.

SuperNova: Dolphin Downloads. Skip to main content link.

Sarah: You can also move the Dolphin cursor through specific elements of the page using navigation keys. Press ‘H’ to move to the next heading.

SuperNova: Dolphin cursor on Dolphin edit. Dolphin Wikipedia link. Dolphin Music link. Dolphin Gamecube and Wii Emulator link. Dolphin Computer Access Link.

Sarah: Press ‘K' to move to the next link.

SuperNova: Visited link. Similar Link. Undo Link. Images for dolphin link.

Sarah: Press ‘E’ to move to the next edit box.

SuperNova: Dolphin cursor on plus you link. Forms dolphin edit.

Sarah: You can also move the dolphin cursor to the previous heading, link and edit box by pressing left shift and either ‘H’, ‘K’, or ‘E’. You can also press tab to move between links and controls.

SuperNova: Sign in link. Screen Reader users. Click here to turn off Google instant link.

Sarah: If you know exactly what you are looking for, simply press F3…

SuperNova: Find.

Sarah: ...Type in your word or phrase.

SuperNova: D, O, L, P, H, I, N.

Sarah: ... and then press enter.

SuperNova: Searching.

Sarah: The Dolphin cursor will take you to the first match.

SuperNova: Dolphin edit.

Sarah: You can move to the next match by pressing F4.

SuperNova: Dolphin Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia link. Numbered one of twelve text. Wikipedia dot org forward slash wiki forward slash dolphin.

Sarah: Or move to the previous match by pressing F2.