Learn SuperNova: Launch Pad to Web-Services

A short tutorial showing you how to use Launch Pad Option in SuperNova. For more help and support, visit https://yourdolphin.com/support


Narrator: Launch Pad makes a range of popular services, including Radio Stations, News Feed, Weather and Walking Directions, available with just a few keystrokes.

Using a service via Launch Pad is often quicker than locating the equivalent content on a busy web page.

To open launch pad simply press CAPS LOCK and F10.

A window will open with a list of available services. 

Vocaliser: Dolphin Launch Pad. Choose a web-service

Narrator: Simply cursor to your preferred service and press enter.

Vocaliser: Podcasts, RSS Feeds, Wiktionary Lookup, Yahoo Weather.

Narrator: Some services, such as Weather or Walking directions work inside Launch Pad . Others, such as News feed or radio stations, present a list of choices that open in one of your default applications.

You can rearrange these lists by using the arrow keys to navigate to the choice you wish to move,

Vocaliser: BBC Radio 3. BBC Radio 5 Live.

Narrator: and then pressing ALT and U to move the choice up the list, and ALT and D to move the choice down the list. 

To add a new choice to the list simply press ALT and A. 

Vocaliser: Items you can add

Narrator: For radio stations you will presented with a comprehensive list of available radio stations. Simply use the arrow keys to navigate to the radio station you wish to add and press enter. 

You can also remove choices by pressing ALT and R.

To open your choice, simply press enter.