Learn Supernova: Bookshelf

Find out how people with any visual impairment can download, transfer, and read thousands of accessible books with SuperNova. For more help and support, visit https://yourdolphin.com/support


People with any visual impairment; discover thousands of accessible books and magazines, from within SuperNova. Read the classics, best sellers or regular publications without wading through websites or waiting for the postman. Books are read instantly, with magnification, speech or Braille. SuperNova transfers books to portable players, for reading offline or while on the move.

Getting Books via Supernova is easy. Simply choose: your accessible library, which book you would like to read, and how you would like to read it.

In the Supernova Control Panel, click the Bookshelf tab or pressing “ALT + O” to open the Bookshelf menu. Now select the “books” item. 

(Title flies in reading “Choose your Library”)

David: Choose Your Accessible Library.

The “Online Books” menu item takes you to a list of accessible libraries. Some providers like BookShare need you to first register. In the list of libraries, press “SHIFT + F10” for more information, including a link to sign up. Choose “Add remove content providers” for more libraries.

(Title flies in reading “Choose a Book”)

David: Choose a Book

Within each library, use arrow keys and ENTER to browse by category. Type in the search field and press ENTER to find a particular title. Get more info about each book simply by selecting it in the list and press ENTER.

When you find the title you want, press the “Download” button from the Book Info dialog.

(Title flies in reading “Choose how to Read”)

David: Choose how to Read

Once the book has downloaded, click play, and SuperNova will open it in the dedicated reader window. Alternatively choose “Send To” to transfer the book to a portable player connected to your computer.

Playing books with the SuperNova Reader, lets you read with crystal clear magnification, and intelligent screen-reading, including speech and braille. 

Screen Reader: I remember him as if it was yesterday. 

David: Close the reader with “ALT + F4”.

Return to your most recently read book anytime, from the Books menu. A list of all books you’ve downloaded is available from “My Books”.

Remember, from the Supernova Control Panel Click the Bookshelf tab or press “ALT + O” for the bookshelf menu. Then choose the Books item.

In the list of providers, press “SHIFT + F10” for more information about each provider, including sign up.

When books have downloaded, “Play” opens in the Supernova Reader and “Send To” transfers to a portable player.

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