Confessions of a Guide Dog, with Nicholas Parsons

Meet Joanne, author of "Confessions of a Guide Dog," as she talks about how she was able to turn her life around with the help of SuperNova. Find out more about SuperNova at Download Confessions of a Guide Dog now, at Support Guide Dogs for the Blind, at


(Title: Confessions of a Guide Dog, with Nicholas Parsons. Presented by Dolphin)

Nicholas: My name is Nicholas Parsons, and I’m in the Audible Studio, recording the text for confessions of a Guide Dog, which is a very fascinating and delightful book, written by Jo Roberts.

Joanne: My name is Joanne Roberts, and I’ve been blind for let me see, fourteen years now, as a result of diabetes. When I did work, I was in Marketing, so naturally, it led onto this interest in using words to get a message across.

Nicholas: I’ve never done anything for Guide Dogs or blind people before, so I was keen to get involved when I heard was the job was.

Joanne: The way I turned my life around was learning about SuperNova software. I sat down, and I picked up the basics, and then from then on, learnt as I carried on. SuperNova allowed me access to Microsoft Word. With that I was able to set up pages, change font, spell check, everything you need to do, so that you can make it that little bit more special.

I still like to use my eyes, and I still like to see the words as I type them on the page. So both the magnification, colour schemes, and obviously the audio description are vital.

SuperNova: I remembered all this, the day I walked Mam back to work, but I was still looking forward to it. I was…

Nicholas: …keen to see my own work mates again, a couple of old guide dogs, called Monty and Jem.

Joanne: Uska has been a very, very special dog. He’s been as important to my rehabilitation as SuperNova was, and I felt, it was up to me to do something, to help raise money for Guide Dogs for the Blind. I came upon the idea of writing about Uska, to try and let the world at large know, what it was like to have guide dog.

I really have no technical skills, and I have still managed to write a book, get it published electronically, and get it made into an audio book. I would recommend SuperNova to anybody who was in fear of losing their sight, or has actually lost their sight, because if I can use it, anybody can use it.

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