For secure and simple screen sharing with your students.... downlad our FREE whiteboard wizard

If your visually impaired learners are using SuperNova, the Connect & View feature can already magnify teachers’ presentations on the student’s laptop. Being able to discreetly ‘see’ the whiteboard without sitting at the front of the class is just one of the reasons why students love SuperNova.  

But teachers are an essential partner in magnifying the whiteboard and we didn’t want to neglect them!

Introducing the new Whiteboard Wizard – a free app that making screen sharing simple.

A free download for teachers and trainers, the Whiteboard Wizard makes screen sharing with your partially sighted students effortless. Importantly, it also makes withdrawing that access just as simple; so teachers can be confident that students don't see anything that they shouldn't!

Try the Whiteboard Wizard for:
  • Ready-made screen sharing = No IT burden!
  • 1 click gives students' access to view the screen
  • 1 click instantly removes that access
  • Optional password security

Wizard On Wizard Off

With SuperNova on their laptop and the Whiteboard wizard on the teachers’, your low vision students can:

  • Sit anywhere in class – there’s no cables & no cameras
  • ‘See’ & magnify the whiteboard, in real time, on their device
  • Zoom in to see the detail
  • Add a colour scheme to boost contrast
  • Split their screen –magnifying the whiteboard and take notes – both visible on the same screen
  • Take & save screenshots of the teachers’ presentations – ideal for homework
  • Scan & listen to text

The SuperNova Whiteboard wizard is a free download for anyone supporting a low vision student who is using any edition of SuperNova, including: SuperNova Magnifier, SuperNova Magnifier & Speech, SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader and Connect & Learn.

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