Dolphin is excited to announce the launch of EasyReader Premium. Exclusively available as a free trial for educators in the UK, USA and Canada, EasyReader Premium provides extra functionality in the EasyReader App to make reading and learning even more accessible.


EasyReader Premium has new features that enable students who are blind, partially sighted or have a neurodiverse condition – such as dyslexia – to read and learn on any device, with accessible books and reading preferences sychronised.

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Read and learn anywhere with EasyReader Premium

The free EasyReader App provides direct access to the world’s largest collection of accessible book and newspaper services. With EasyReader Premium, students who are blind, partially sighted or have dyslexia can now log in and access additional, synchronised features.

Students can read and study the same books across any iOS, Android, Kindle Fire or Windows device when they sign in to EasyReader with a Premium account. Their customised views, audio settings and book information are all synchronised for a seamless reading experience.

EasyReader Premium enables students to read anywhere and learn anywhere. They can sign in to EasyReader on a laptop at school, a PC at home and a smartphone or tablet when they’re travelling to access the same books, accessible features, settings and information and start reading where they left off. It’s useful if your students move around a campus to study or need to use a different device in each class. 

With EasyReader Premium, educators can further support students who are blind, partially sighted or dyslexic, with more accessible ways to read and study.

EasyReader Premium enables students to pick up any device and continue reading their accessible books where they left off. We removed the need to sign into libraries again, browse the same books on different devices and adjust reading settings each time. EasyReader Premium works seamlessly to make studying easier.” 

Steve Bennett, MD at Dolphin Computer Access

A seamless and accessible reading experience for students

Once students are signed in to EasyReader with their Premium account on any device, they can pick up where they left off, for a continuous learning and reading experience. EasyReader Premium synchronises:

  • Book downloads
  • Reading positions
  • Bookmarks and text notes
  • Clipboard texts
  • Accessible library account details
  • Reading preferences

Deliver an inclusive reading service for your students

Designed with education in mind, EasyReader Premium enables students who are blind or partially sighted, and students with neurodiverse conditions such as dyslexia, to read books in ways that suit their sight and their reading preferences.

With EasyReader Premium, schools, colleges and university personnel can create student accounts on the Dolphin website. With options to add multiple students, or to add one-by-one, it’s simple to set up accounts. You can then share the account information with your eligible students so they can log in and benefit from an accessible reading experience. EasyReader Premium ensures students that benefit from accessible resources and accommodations can access learning material easily, so they can thrive in class

EasyReader Premium is particularly helpful for SENCO staff, Disability Support Services and pastoral care teams, in addition to teaching staff. 

For Students with Print Impairments

EasyReader Premium provides students with access to a wide range of accessible libraries and textbook collections around the world.

Designed for readers with visual impairments or neurodiverse conditions such as dyslexia, EasyReader Premium can be used on a range of devices. If students have a smartphone or tablet, they can read to learn, and for pleasure wherever they go.

EasyReader Premium enables students who are blind, partially sighted or have another print impairment, to fully customise their reading experience. A range of customisations are available to aid accessibility. These include enlarged text, customised colour schemes, dyslexia-friendly fonts, audio and braille display support.

About EasyReader Premium

Extended free trial for education

For a limited time only, schools, colleges and universities in the UK, USA and Canada can subscribe to, and use EasyReader Premium free.

This extended free trial expires 31 May 2022. We welcome you to subscribe now to find out for yourself how EasyReader Premium can really benefit your students with visual impairments and neurodiverse conditions such as dyslexia.

The future of EasyReader Premium

Dolphin is delighted to offer EasyReader Premium subscriptions as a free trial for educators until 31 May 2022. This free trial period enables schools, colleges and universities to try the service and provide feedback and suggestions for additional features.

Dolphin will go on to add new features and updates to EasyReader Premium in the future. It will continue to develop, to make reading and learning even more accessible for readers and educators of students with visual impairments and neurodiverse conditions.

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EasyReader Windows App is now available as a free download

To coincide with the launch of EasyReader Premium for educators, Dolphin has also released an update to EasyReader Windows 9.01.  This is available now as a free download from the Dolphin website. It empowers more people who are blind, partially sighted or have dyslexia to benefit from accessible reading.

This latest update means users can sign in to accessible library services around the world, to browse, download and read accessible books on their Windows PCs, laptops and tablets.

The update to EasyReader 9.01 also introduces support for more accessible libraries on the Windows platform. In addition to the libraries previously supported, EasyReader Windows 9.01 now also includes direct access to:

  • Calibre Audio (UK)
  • NCBI OverDrive (Ireland)
  • LFK (Russia)

Download EasyReader App

“The free EasyReader App has helped remove many barriers people face in finding and reading accessible books. It continues to deliver hundreds of thousands of accessible titles, through our continued partnerships with accessible library services around the world."

Steve Bennett, MD at Dolphin Computer Access

Please note: If your school, college or university is trialling EasyReader Premium, your students need to download the free EasyReader App and login to their EasyReader Premium account on the devices they use at school and at home. 

The EasyReader App is available as a free download for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and Windows. Download EasyReader free at the Apple App StoreGoogle Play Store or Kindle App Store  The Windows version of EasyReader is available as a free download from the Dolphin Website.



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