SuperNova at easyJet | Dolphin Computer Access

A photo of the terminals in use at easyJet.

"My job involves extensive use of a Citrix programme, in addition to the standard programmes of a Windows environment. Thanks to Dolphin, I can use all programmes needed for my job, with all the benefits of SuperNova."

"Although the display that I choose makes my computer look very different to that of my colleagues, I use both magnification and inverted brightness, thanks to SuperNova I can just get on with my work, drama-free.  It's a dream come true!"

Magnified text on screen

"Although I am aware that the behind-the-scenes technicalities of SuperNova’s standard version - which is installed on my PC and its Enterprise version - which is installed on the server that I use, are very different.  As the user I simply switch between the two versions with one easy keystroke; who knew that Ctrl & 8 could be so life-changing?!"

"Thank you so much to all the Dolphin team for both versions of SuperNova, without which I would likely be unable to work; at least in my current job!"

Georgina Donlea, Training Support Coordinator, easyJet 

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