8 reasons why SuperNova is the informed choice for home computing

SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader allows people with a visual impairment to use a computer or Windows tablet independently.

The software has already helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world to magnify and read their computer screens.

8 reasons why SuperNova is the informed choice for home computing


1 I would rather invest in the right tool for the job than struggle with a freebie. Reading and writing emails or browsing the web is so much easier with smooth clear text and good quality voices if I need them.

2 I can read my own post again, in privacy. Scan & Read is also included at no extra cost with all SuperNova speech editions, so I can hear my letters read out to me. If I don’t need speech, I can connect an affordable document camera to my PC and zoom in on small print.

3 It’s a smart choice for the long term. SuperNova is easy to use and makes sense financially. It’s better value than other similar products and I won’t need to buy and learn something new if my eyesight deteriorates.

4 Accessible newspapers and books delivered direct to my PC or tablet. I really miss reading, and with a library subscription, I can browse, download and read whatever I want again.

5 It comes with the best support. Dolphin’s support team are frequently praised by their customers as the “best in the industry”. With expert and timely advice by phone and email, they support you every step of the way. Plus there are free tutorials and training videos on their website.

6 It fits in my pocket! When visiting the library or friends and family, I can take SuperNova with me on a USB drive and borrow their computer. There’s nothing to install – I just plug it in and run it.

7 It improves with every free update. Dolphin’s developers work continually to improve features and support changes in Windows. Free updates are delivered regularly via Dolphin’s internet updater. Feature upgrades are affordable with a “get two for the price of one” software maintenance plan.

8 I can install SuperNova to any devices I own, including tablets. I can activate SuperNova on my desktop, laptop, Windows tablet or all three. Touchscreen magnification is really simple to use on tablets – SuperNova’s unique large print high contrast touch keyboard is also much easier to see than an iPad.

SuperNova? It’s superlative! Becoming registered blind eight years ago, I sought information on the best equipment available... I opted for Magnifier & Speech to start with, changing to Magnifier & Screen Reader after a few years. Being a touch-typist helped, but there is absolutely no doubt that without the voice I would not be able to access the internet at all. Anything I want to do, I can and I am constantly amazed at the range of features that SuperNova has - I’m sure I’m using only a fraction of them.”

Susan Buckingham, New Milton, Hampshire

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