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Dolphin has provided a range of installation options for schools and city councils to cater for your specific networks and IT environments. Please choose the option which best suits your requirements. To help you to get started quickly, you can download software as well as product documentation directly from this page.

Information for installing Dolphin products in schools and city councils for the following products

  • EasyConverter
  • EasyReader


Guidance is available on this page for:

Network Installation (MSI)

This option is suitable for sites needing to install the product on a central server which pushes the program to networked computers. The network installation comprises an MSI package and technical documentation, and downloads are available for the following products:



Your Network Code

Your unique Network Code will be sent to the license administrator in a separate email from your order confirmation. Please save this network code for future reference. It is installed as part of the MSI package so you will not need to do any manual unlocking or activating of your license on your networked computers.

Networks Supported

Dolphin’s network installation supports different network environments, including;
• Microsoft SCCM
• Microsoft App-V
• Novell ZENWorks
• Windows Terminal Server (2003, 2008, 2008 R2)

If your network is not listed here please contact your Dolphin Dealer for further information.

Desktop Installation

This option is suitable for installing the product individually on each computer you wish to use the product on. The installation process involves running the installation program on each computer, entering a different unlock code on each computer, and activating each license for each computer. 

The product is delivered electronically by downloading a 30-day trial. When you have downloaded and installed the trial version and have purchased a license you must enter the unlock code to convert the trial version into a full version. The unique unlock code is delivered with your order confirmation. Once you have unlocked your product you must then activate it, when the computer is connected to the Internet, when prompted to do so by the product.

Desktop installation downloads are available for the following products:

If you would prefer a boxed copy of your Dolphin Software please order by phone and ask for this when you place your order and your product will arrive on a DVD.

EasyReader 1-to-1 Installation

This is suitable when you wish to do a desktop setup on each computer, or use the network code – as you prefer to suit your environment.

  • When installing the software on the 1-to-1 computers are performed centrally recommended option to create a ghost image that contains the network code for the Dolphin product. This option saves time and effort when you do not have to manually enter the unlock code and activate the license on the respective 1-1 computer.
  • If the installation is carried out on a limited, small number of 1-to-1 computers, this can usually be done perfectly well as a Desktop installation (as described above).

EasyReader Home Extension

For Swedish customers, all school and city council licenses of EasyReader always includes a license for home extension (NOTE: does not include EasyConverter).

The license for home use is valid as long as the school / city council has a valid Service Maintenance Agreement (SMA) for the product.

Students can install the software at home on their private computer.

The license for students at home unlocks once per 12-month period. It is the responsibility of the licensing manager of the school/city council to distribute these unique unlock codes to eligible students. If you wish to distribute the unlock codes via the internet this MUST be done behind a secure student login so that only authorized students have access to the code.

Installation of the license for student home use is in the form of a desktop installation, as described above.

More Information

If you need further information on installation options to suit your school or city council, please contact your Dolphin Dealer