SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader




Ideal for Organisations – Accommodate Every Visual Impairment

  • SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader is the preferred solution for organisations looking to deliver access for the full range of visual impairments from mild sight loss, through to blindness.

  • Empower your clients to choose their perfect blend of magnifier, speech or screen reader to suit their eye condition, matching their unique sight requirements.

  • Ensure your organisation is meeting its moral and legal accessibility obligations.

  • Avoid the hassle and costs associated with multiple screen access software products; SuperNova uniquely integrates all the capabilities of a professional magnifier and an intelligent screen reader in one simple, supported solution.

Perfect for Sight that Changes - Through the Day or Over Time

  • If you have sight that varies through the day or is dependent on the task, SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader is flexible to adapt with you and your activity.
  • Should your eye sight change over time, SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader will support you all the way; today and everyday - no matter what the future holds.
  • Choose magnification; add speech as the need arises or to boost productivity.  Or switch to magnifier and the full screen reader, with or without Braille, for ultimate access.
  • Adjust the amount of magnification, speech and Braille as your sight varies or as you switch to tasks that require different attention to detail. 

A partially sighted lady sits at a desk with 2 monitors, both showing magnified text.

Ultimate Access to Your Apps and Documents

  • Crystal clear magnification AND intelligent screen reading, used together or separately, deliver the most comprehensive access to Windows tablet, laptop and desktop computers. Choose the device that fits your lifestyle, job or course and then adjust the magnification and screen reader to suit you!
  • Magnify, speak or Braille the latest versions of Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, Office and hundreds of other applications, no matter how much your sight changes.
  • Natural sounding male and female voices speak documents aloud and can be customised to suit your ear.
  • Independently create your own professional looking documents – SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader intelligently announces spelling, style and formatting information, so your documents always look their best.
  • Read your documents, apps and web pages in Braille instantly. Simply press the buttons on your Braille display and SuperNova will move forward and back through text accurately translating it to Braille in real-time.
  • Compose email or write a document in Braille. SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader accurately back-translates your Braille input to standard text that instantly appears on screen.
  • Add a camera, and with SuperNova Connect & View you can magnify photos, letters, packaging, greeting cards and so much more.

SuperNova Connect & View with a camera

Personalise the Magnification, Screen Reader AND Braille, Just for You!

  • Magnify your onscreen text and images up to 64 times their original size. Need to see more detail?  Zoom in for total clarity, or turn the speech on, at the touch of a button.
  • Choose from 24 colour schemes or mix your own to enhance contrast and reduce glare, ensuring reading is always comfortable, whatever your eye condition.
  • Split screen, Window and Lens magnified views help you keep perspective by also showing you the original screen layout - ideal if you have a restricted visual field.
  • Replace problem colours such as red or green without changing the rest of your colour scheme.
  • Choose just how much SuperNova reads and brailles; select from 4 built-in verbosity schemes or configure your own.
  • SuperNova supports more than 60 Braille displays, so you can choose the display that suits you, and your budget!
  • Prefer speech on webpages but Braille in Word documents? Save your settings so access to your apps is perfect for you, every time.

Ultimate Productivity and Accuracy

  • There’s no need to struggle to find your way around busy websites. Item Finder presents a convenient list of links and website headings, helping you to find the information you’re looking for and then to navigate directly there.
  • Hear the detail! SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader accurately announces as much information as you need, or want.  Hear letters, numbers, punctuation, line breaks and much more.
  • Choose 2 or more monitors and multi-task with SuperNova.  Magnify different apps on separate screens.  Project your presentations standard size to your sighted audience, keeping your notes magnified to suit you on your laptop.  Working closely with a colleague?  Clone your display, magnified for you, original size for them.
  • If you're new to a website, and want to explore without the eye strain, try the Dolphin Cursor.  Using only the keyboard you can browse every part of the site, just sit back, listen and watch as the magnification tracks perfectly.
  • Avoid typos with SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader.  Whether you’re composing an email to family or tweeting to the world, SuperNova's magnifier tracks and highlights the cursor, as the high quality voices speak the characters and words out loud, ensuring you can spot the errors before you finish.
  • Monitor your word count or formula bar by reserving a special magnified Hooked Area, complete with 'live' content. Or just keep one eye on the clock!
  • Get closer to documents with Braille output that clearly shows: spelling, punctuation and text styles. Appreciate spatial layout of objects on screen with SuperNova's Braille Physical Mode.
  • Multi task with 'live', refreshable Braille.  Read your presentation notes whilst delivering your presentation or reviewing customer details while on the phone.
  • SuperNova’s Braille input also boosts your productivity, reducing the amount your hands move. Enter data in a spreadsheet, type meeting minutes in Word or navigate the Windows Start menu, all directly from your Braille display.

Touchscreen Magnification and Speech - Easy as 1, 2, 3

  • Tablet or touchscreen laptop user? Experience the best touchscreen magnification & speech for Windows.
  • With SuperNova, touchscreen access is as easy as 1,2,3:
    • With 1 finger - Pan the magnifier, open documents and speak aloud text with a single finger
    • With 2 fingers - Zoom magnification in and out - pinch and stretch with 2 fingers
    • With 3 fingers - Tap 3 fingers to change the voice, colours and find more options.
  • When you need to type on screen, SuperNova Magnifier & Speech displays a high contrast, large print on-screen keyboard.  As you type (on screen), SuperNova speaks the characters and words, giving you total confidence and improving your accuracy.


SuperNova's onscreen keyboard on a Windows tablet

Scan and Read Documents, Browse and Read books, and More

  • Scan and read (OCR) paper documents and letters to independently sort through your post or in-tray!
  • Frustratingly 80% of PDF documents have been created in a way that makes them inaccessible to visually impaired people.  But that's not the end of the road; SuperNova Magnifier & Speech can 'scan and read' inaccessible PDF documents. You don't even need a scanner!
  • Enjoy direct and instant access to 1,000's of accessible books and newspapers from our trusted library partners, including RNIB Newsagent, NLS BARD, NFB-NEWSLINE®, Bookshare®, CNIB (Canada) Aangepast Lezen (Netherlands), Anderslezen (Belgium), MTM (Sweden), Inlästingstjänst (Sweden), NLB (Norway), SBS (Switzerland), ePubBooks and Project Gutenberg.
    • Read directly on your Windows device with SuperNova's magnification and speech.
    • Take books with you; use SuperNova to transfer titles to portable MP3 and DAISY players for reading on the go.
  • Listen to popular internet radio stations, podcasts and news - keeping you informed and entertained.

Help When You Need It

  • Press CAPS+F1 at any time for simple instructions on using SuperNova in your favourite apps
  • SuperNova is backed up by Dolphin’s legendary Product Support team with decades of experience in assisting blind and partially sighted people
  • Localised to over 30 languages, SuperNova is supported by a worldwide network of Dolphin accredited dealers and trainers

Manageable for Schools, Employers & Other Organisations

  • MSI files simplify maintenance for system and network administrators. Just pay per user.
  • One SuperNova package installs to all supported platforms saving time and support burden.
  • Easily transfer skills and migrate users between SuperNova editions if their eye sight or requirements change, without the need to start from scratch.
  • Organisations supporting users with a range of visual impairments will find SuperNova’s 6 profiles help their clients find their preferred SuperNova blend of magnification, speech and Braille more quickly. Trainers or assessors can also use the profiles to simulate different editions of SuperNova and choose what’s best for your client.

Student reading Romeo and Juliet on a laptop with magnified view and speech