GuideReader Pod

No Computer Required, just a TV

Choose GuideReader on a Pod and there's no computer, download or keyboards required. Add GuideReader Pod to your exisiting TV and browse 1000s of books you can read.

GuideReader Pod is controlled using only the Dolphin Remote that's included with every pod.  With a single button on the remote, move through GuideReader's simple talking menus, select a book or start reading, right where you left off.

GuideReader Pod makes full use of the largest screen and probably the best audio setup you have in your house. So if you need big print, go for it with GuideReader Pod and your TV. Or if your eyes tire, sit back, rest your eyes and listen to the audio.

What is the Pod?

The Pod is a small black box (10x10x2cm) that plugs into a spare HDMI port on your favourite TV.  GuideReader is pre-installed on the pod and is ready 'paired' with the Dolphin Remote control that's also included.

Put simply, plug GuideReader into your TV, and remote in hand, feet up, you're ready to read.

What comes in the GuideReader Pod box?

Your GuideReader Pod includes:

    1 x GuideReader Pod
    1 x Power supply DC 5V/3A
    1 x HDMI cable (1 metre)
    1 x Dolphin Remote
    2 x AAA batteries (for Dolphin Remote)
    1 x Large print getting started guide

The Dolphin Remote

As the name intimates, the Dolphin Remote is a remote control dedicated just to reading with GuideReader Pod. Everything about your GuideReader is controlled via your Dolphin Remote.  The buttons on the remote are well spaced and tactile, making them easy to use, no matter how much sight you have lost.