NEW: Read from Here – increase reading speed & skip forwards and back during reading

‘Read from Here’ has been updated to aid users more efficiently review lengthy webpages and long documents. Press NUM PAD + and listen as ScreenReader reads continuously from your cursor position. Increase or decrease your voice’s speed, live, as ScreenReader reads. Don’t need to hear a section? Skip ahead. Need to hear it again? Skip back. Effortlessly navigate through long texts to efficiently review it them - there’s no need to stop ‘Read from Here’ in its tracks.

Function Key press Available in 'Read from Here' when used in:
Start Read from Here NUM PAD PLUS All apps
Increase / decrease reading speed LEFT CTRL + LEFT SHIFT + = / - All apps
Fast forward / Rewind to the next / previous line Down / Up Arrow All apps
Skip to the next / previous sentence S / SHIFT + S Office apps
Skip to the next / previous paragraph P / SHIFT + P Office apps

Users with a braille display will experience the same seamless navigation in braille.

Watch the video:


Also New in version 19:


  • Books and textbooks from NCBI Ireland are now accessible via ScreenReader’s Bookshelf feature.

Bug Fixes:

FIX: A crash was occurring when placing a grocery order on the website. This is now resolved.

FIX: The Menu bar in Chrome (pressing Alt + Spacebar) now speaks Minimize, Restore, and Close as expected.

FIX: A recent Windows update resulted in Notepad not speaking and Brailling as expected. This is now resolved.

FIX: ScreenReader now correctly announces numbers as pairs (if the setting is chosen) when using a Vocalizer Expressive voice to read dates, e.g. ‘December 2019’.

FIX: The bookmarks dialog in Firefox (Control + Shift + D) now speaks as expected.

FIX: In the Windows 10 Start Menu, the Read Focus key (NUMPAD 0) wasn't working as expected. This is now resolved.

FIX: The menus in the Amazon Kindle for PC application now speak as expected. Please note, the Kindle application’s own voice is still required to read the book’s text.

FIX: Several stability fixes for users of the Chrome web browser.  

FIX: Several stability fixes for users of the Firefox web browser.  

FIX: Using ScreenReader’s Find (F3) feature in Chrome may have caused a crash. This is now resolved.

FIX: ScreenReader’s performance in Windows Explorer’s List view, on Windows 10 machines, is now improved.

Important information for Windows 7 users:

  • The next major release of ScreenReader , currently scheduled for release Q1 2021, will NOT include support for the Windows 7 operating system.


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