Word 2003 when used on a Windows 7 machine

FIX: When using Word 2003 on a Windows 7 machine occasionally your cursor tracking would lose its focus. This issue has now been fixed.

Using Read from Here and Doc Reader with very long documents

FIX: Previously when you were reading a very long document with Read from Here or Doc Reader the screensaver may have cut in before you finished reading the document. This issue has now been fixed by temporarily disabling your screensaver whilst you enjoy reading your long document.

TIP: To start Read from Here use the Hotkey; number pad +. To exit Read from Here simply press the Esc key.

Colour Scheme

FIX: If you changed your Colour Scheme during a session and then restarted your Dolphin software. The 1st Colour Scheme that you were using, rather than the last Colour Scheme, in your previous sessions would have been saved. This has now been fixed and your last Colour Scheme will now be saved.

TIP: You can turn on the Colour Scheme by using the hotkeys Left Ctrl + Number Pad 0.

Optelec Alva BC640

FIX: The problem which resulted in issues between the Optelec Alva BC640 Braille display and your Dolphin software has now been fixed.

Map & Script Changes

v11.55 also features 12 changes and improvements to various maps and scripts to enhance your experience when using your Dolphin software. They include:

Windows XP Explorer

NEW: When you are using Windows XP Explorer in the details view v11.55 will now announce, and Braille, the name of the column heading before you receive information from that column.

This will automatically occur when you have either medium or high verbosities selected in your settings.

Windows XP operating system

FIX: A fix has been included for the volume control in non English language editions of Windows XP.

Thunderbird 3.1.2

NEW: Version 11.55 has been updated to work with the new release of Thunderbird, version 3.1.2. this inlcudes support for the View options found within Thunderbird.

Microsoft Outlook XP

FIX: A fix has been included that will provide small performance improvements within the Microsoft Outlook XP Calendar.

Microsoft Word 2007

NEW: Page numbers will now be announced within Word 2007.

Dolphin Control Panel

FIX: Occsionally some of the titles of the Dolphin Control Panel buttons were not being announced correctly. This has now been fixed.

FIX: A fix has been incuded within v11.55 that prevents too much text being announced within the Dolphin Control Panel.

Microsoft Outlook Express 5

FIX: Messages with blank lines will now be announced.

EasyReader v6

V11.55 includes Maps and Script file improvements for the latest version of EsyReader, version 6.

Adobe Acrobat 7

Fix: Previously right click menus would not speak. A fix has been included in v11.55 to resolve this issue.

Prisma Woordenboeken

NEW: v11.55 includes support for the Prisma Woordenboeken language dictionaries.

Other v11 releases:

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