Included in version 9.02 are host of small improvements and fixes, specifically designed to enhance the version 9 user experience:

  • Version 9.02 now detects when your computer wakes up from power state changes (for example when the computer is woken up from its sleep setting), allowing you to continue working without having to restart LunarPlus.
  • Modifications have been incorporated to allow the Dolphin Pen driven Arabic Acapela synthesiser to swap automatically between the Arabic and US English voices whenever Arabic/English text is encountered.
  • Additional improvements have been made for navigation of the internet.
  • Updates to your version 9 solution should be seamless due to advancements within the inbuilt Internet Updater.
  • Plus, a host of fixes and other small improvements have been developed to provide access to your favourite applications.

Other v9 releases:

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