Windows Terminal Server support

Version 5.30 now includes a combination of screen magnification, speech and Braille support for Windows Terminal Server 2000/2003 and Citrix Metaframe XP, sessions. This allows remote access to applications via a network server even when the data is not stored locally and is commonly known as "thin client" (remote terminal) technology. Supernova, Hal, Lunar and LunarPlus provide screen magnification, speech and/or Braille support for desktop server terminals, with Supernova and Hal also providing speech and Braille support for thin client remote terminals. This now allows businesses to offer equality of access to their computer systems from all networked terminals. Speech support within a remote terminal environment will necessitate the use of an external hardware synthesiser.

Java Focus Tracking

V5.30 also includes improved magnification support for Java applications in Supernova, Lunar and LunarPlus. It is now possible to track the keyboard and mouse in Java applications that support the Java Access Bridge, and track the mouse in Java applications within Internet Explorer. The magnification window will now follow the beam cursor or the Java focus.

Magnification at Windows login prompt

Supernova, Lunar and LunarPlus now offer full screen magnification at the Windows login prompt (Windows XP/2000/NT). Screen magnification is available automatically at the logon screen, with simple F7 and F8 hotkeys to either decrease or increase magnification.

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