New Dolphin List Utility

Version 9 offers a consolidated list of popular document elements into one handy single multi-page List Utility.

To launch the new multi-page dialog with a single hot key press CAPS LOCK +TAB from all the applications that are currently supported, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.

The new dialog can easily be navigated using standard Windows conventions CONTROL+TAB and CONTROL+SHIFT+TAB to move between the various tab sheets.

These Tab sheets offer the user a convenient list of the following document elements:

  • Links
  • Headings
  • Revisions
  • Objects
  • Comments
  • Frames
  • Tables
  • Controls
  • Spelling errors
  • Grammar errors.

Each of these lists can be sorted in document order or alphabetically. In addition the user can choose to perform a variety of actions on each element including route Virtual Focus, Left Click and Right Click.

The utility can also be launched on the expected page with legacy hotkeys such as CAPS LOCK + 1 for the list of Links etc.

Support for Terminal Services

Version 9 reintroduces support for Windows Terminal Server and Citrix MetaFrame operating systems, allowing blind and visually impaired computer users access to applications running on remote thin clients, as well as Windows desktop terminals.

Other v9 releases:

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