• Internet Explorer, web page info, e.g. no of links, frames and headings can be spoken as state information for a frame. This information can be set/configured in the Supernova control panel by - "Configure verbosity schemes dialog" - select "Frame" and then select the "Verbosity for Status" button. It's the "Page Information" entry in the 'Area Status' list box.
  • MS Excel three new lists added for Excel - list of visible cells with formulas (LS+DK+3), list of visible cells with comments (LS+DK+5) and list of visible cells with data (LS+DK+4).
  • Automatic Forms mode, when in Virtual Focus use the DK + Enter to activate (i.e. Caps-lock Enter). When on a web page this switches you in and out of interactive mode automatically when you TAB through a web page that has edit areas. This feature will allow you to fill in forms on a web page more easily, once you have switched on the "Automatic Forms mode" you can switch if off again if you wish by pressing the DK + Enter hot key.
  • In Virtual Focus actions to simulate the use of Ctrl-Home to move to the top and Ctrl-End to move to the end.
  • Added ability to merge attributes for an object in Training Mode when two detection methods report the same object but with differing attributes. This is set in Training Mode - Define Target dialog, Status button. In the 'Status Properties' dialog is a checkbox at the bottom 'Merge status with similar object from another detector'. It is used for example in Outlook Express as the window's detector reports the edit area which we use the DOM for but the MSAA object for the same edit area has the label. So we use the window rule and merge in the label from the MSAA.
  • Internet Explorer, nesting level announcement for bulleted list items on a web page.
  • Added Braille tables for Turkish and Norwegian literary Braille.
  • Added option to force a detected focus to a rectangular area. This can help focus tracking and object announcement. This is set in Training Mode - Focus And Selection Rules - create a new Inverted Focus rule. If you edit the rule, you should see an option 'Always use bounding rectangle for location'. An example of where this is used is in MS Access and PowerPoint (more specifically in PowerPoint), the inverted focus is made up of 6 black rectangles that intersected each other. Thus Supernova 6.01 and 6.02 tried to get the focus information by merging these 6 black rectangles and it failed, now with 6.03 the option for the inverted focus "Always use bounding rectangle for location" will place a virtual rectangle around ("bounding") all these 6 black rectangles and the focus is taken from this "bounding rectangle".
  • Training mode, extra speak prompt text "forwarded" added to list of available prompts, this can be use for trained graphics such as the MS Outlook "forwarded email" graphic.
  • You can right-click on an Action in the Action List dialog box and get a list of which map files have that action and what it's defined as.

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