Setup Wizard

New for all version 10 users is a helpful Setup Wizard which carefully steers users through decisions about which features of your Dolphin access software are required to best meet your individual needs.

Confused by configuration, or do not have a head for hot keys? Try the Dolphin Setup Wizard today!

Your Dolphin access software will ask a series of straight forward questions helping you to select the access methods which work best for you. Setup: speech, magnification, Braille and general access options from a single wizard.

Ideal for new or existing users, the Dolphin Setup Wizard allows everyone to get started right away. The Dolphin Setup Wizard runs automatically the first time you run your Dolphin software, and thereafter is available any time from the Help Menu in the Dolphin Control Panel.

Screenshot of the Dolphin Setup Wizard

Product Improvement Programme

Version 10 users now have the option to contribute to the Dolphin Product Improvement Programme. The anonymous data supplied by users that sign up to the programme will ultimately contribute to making Dolphin software easier to use and more intuitive.

Screenshot of the Product Improvement Programme

Find Out First!

Find out first about the latest free updates, upgrades, new map and script files by signing up for the latest Dolphin product news directly in the new Dolphin Setup Wizard.

Users can change their Product Improvement Programme or Find Out First settings at any time by going to "Customer Feedback" in the Help menu of your Dolphin Control Panel.

Screenshot of the Find out First option

Firefox 3 Support

Version 10 now supports the Mozilla Firefox Web browser (version 3). Firefox is a free browser that can be downloaded from the Firefox website (external link) and has proved popular with many users Worldwide. Firefox 3 support is supplied in addition to Dolphin's newly re-engineered Internet Explorer support.

Your Favourite Voices During Installation

The self voicing installation of Supernova, Hal and LunarPlus all now use the premium synthesiser included on the Dolphin CD or demo download. In UK English, the installation voice is now RealSpeak Solo Emily and in the US, RealSpeak Solo Jennifer. Alternatively if a premium synthesiser is available on your PC this may be adopted as the installation voice.

Virtual Focus Text Selection anywhere in Hal and Supernova

Use the Dolphin Virtual Focus to select text from almost anywhere in Windows and Windows applications. Directly copy your Virtual Focus Selection to the Windows Clipboard for use in your application.

Whether you are surfing the Web with your favourite browser, are confronted with a confusing application dialog, or are somewhere else where you need to quote text from the screen, simply use Dolphin's Virtual Focus to select text using standard text selection hot keys and copy it to the Windows Clipboard.

Once in Dolphin's Virtual Focus Mode, Select: by character with SHIFT + Right/Left CURSOR Keys, words using SHIFT + CONTROL + Right/Left CURSOR keys, or select everything With CONTROL + A. The selected text can then be copied to the Windows Clipboard with CONTROL + C. Back in Live or Interactive Mode use CONTROL + V as normal to paste the contents of the Windows Clipboard into your application.

Virtual Focus Text Selection anywhere is offered in addition to Drag and Drop already supported.

URL Specific Document Settings for Internet Explorer

Optimise version 10's performance and usability on specific websites, domains, intranets and web based applications by creating URL specific settings. Start by creating and naming a new setting for an URL including wild-cards as appropriate. Then select or de-select various settings including expand acronyms, expand abbreviations, announce control tool-tip labels, announce control titles, merge links with standard text, disable page refresh, override forms mode, override auto virtual focus, announce tables with borders, announce tables with headings and many more. Create a custom map file or custom labelling rule for any Window object that might be found on the website.

All New Quick Reference Guide (also in the start menu)

Photo of the new QRG bookletAll version 10 products and upgrades are now shipped with brand new large print Hot Key Guides. Designed to be easy-to-read and high contrast, it includes all of the newest Dolphin hot keys, as well as the Function Key equivalents for laptop users.

The PDF and alternative format editions are also available to download from the Dolphin website.

All New Support for Winamp

Version 10 improves speech and Braille access to this ever popular media player, in particular comprehensive support for the Winamp Graphic Equalizer. Winamp is available to download for free from the Winamp website (external link).

In Winamp main window Use the Read Status Bar hot key to announce information about the currently playing track: time elapsed/remaining, Artist, Title, Sample and bit rates. The screen reader also announces the status of Shuffle and Repeat when these toggles are changed. Also query the status any time with a hot key.

In Winamp's graphic equalizer window The decibel levels for each of the 10 frequency bands is announced either when they are changed or the EQ status can be queried with a hot key.

The Winamp support is sensitive to your preferred level of verbosity. The higher your verbosity level, the more explicit the level of information spoken or Brailled.

Document Read works when the Speech is Off

For many Dolphin customers the 'Document Read' feature is their ideal way to review long documents. But previously Hal, Supernova and LunarPlus users had to have their speech turned on to be able to start a "document read". Version 10 now allows users to conveniently start Document Read whilst their speech is turned off.

Option to Add or Remove Dolphin Software from the Current User's Start Up group

Users wishing to add or remove their Dolphin software from the Start Up group (the applications that automatically run when you turn your computer on) can now control this directly from the Configuration/miscellaneous menu by selecting "Launch Supernova after Logon".

Multi-Core Ready

Version 10 has been designed as a pipelined multi-threaded, multi-core ready application. (Pipelining means that it does different steps in the process potentially on different CPUs cores at the same time. E.g. Supernova's synthesizer is speaking the last thing you did on one core, another core can be working out what to say now whilst a third core is updating the off screen model for what you are going to do next. Multi-threaded means it is able to use a number of processor cores simultaneously to improve performance and responsiveness.)

Version 10 supports up to 8 processor cores at the same time and as dual and quad core CPU's becoming more widely used, version 10 users will see a dramatic performance increase over single core machines. (The main components that run on different cores are the Off Screen Model, the document object model interface, the magnification engine, the Java detector, the TTS synthesizer and the scripting engine.)


Whether you want to write your own Dolphin Scripts, or just benefit from the growing range of scripts, version 10 is shipped with the integrated Scripting Engine. 

Own Script Editor (integrated development environment)

By default the Dolphin text editor will be used and is fully accessible with Supernova, Hal, Lunar and LunarPlus. The text editor includes syntax highlighting, an integrated list of functions and list of constants, as well as help for Dolphin's scripting functions on a simple key press and command completion to help typing your commands.

Script Encryption

Scripts can now be encrypted with a simple menu command inside the Dolphin Script Editor. This protects scripts from being read or modified by others. Use encrypted scripts to protect your intellectual copyright, to prevent others from copying part of your script or use it together with serial number checking to limit who can use the script.

Debug View

The Dolphin Script Editor contains a window to view debug output to assist with debugging and trouble shooting your scripts.

Check for Updates

"Update from Internet" has now been renamed to "Check for updates" and moved from the Map menu to the Help menu. "Automatic update settings" also removed from the Map menu and re-homed in the Help menu

Code Signed Demonstration Versions

All version 10 demos are now code signed with VeriSign and act as a virtual "shrinkwrap", or tamper proof evidence, guaranteeing you ensure safe delivery over the Internet.

More Intuitive Demo Launch Hot Keys

The 30 day demos will now use the same launch hot keys as the full Dolphin product. These are Shift + CONTROL + S for Supernova, Shift + CONTROL + L for Lunar, Shift + CONTROL + H for Hal, Shift + CONTROL + P for LunarPlus. However if you are installing a 30 day demo alongside another Dolphin installation (perhaps to review an upgrade) the launch key remains as Shift + CONTROL + D.

Improved Quick Navigation Keys

Our users told us they wanted even simpler Quick navigation keys on the Internet. So we've done it, whilst web browsing in Virtual Focus mode press H to move to the next heading and Shift H to move to the previous Heading. There's 14 to try.

Hot Key Compatibility Sets

The new Virtual Focus Text Selection Keys have adopted the SHIFT + CONTROL + CURSOR keys which some users may still be using for navigating around the Internet from much earlier versions of their Dolphin software. A version 9 Hot Key Compatibility Set has therefore been created for users that would prefer to remain with their old Internet navigation keys. Now more than 6 years old, the version 4 hot key compatibility set has been removed but is available by email request from Dolphin's Product Support.

Combining Glyphs in Hindi

Combining glyphs in the Hindi language are now announced correctly.

Hindi Dolphin Pen

Version 10 introduces product improvements that have enabled Dolphin to combine Hindi Supernova with a Hindi synthesiser on the portable Dolphin pen.

Chinese Language Support

Support for Windows and third party IME with Mandarin IME (Simplified) and Cantonese (Traditional) Chinese languages.

Dolphin CCTV Interface Enhancements

The CCTV interface has been enhanced to allow CCTV vendors to use DirectDraw, DirectShow and other hardware imaging techniques to display their CCTV screen at the same time that Supernova/Lunar is running. This dramatically improves performance and reduces CPU load over GDI based solutions.

Verbosity Scheme Improvements

Minor changes have been made to the verbosity schemes to provide more appropriate announcements to tree view check boxes and tree view radio controls.

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