PDF Document support

  • Opening and reading a PDF document in Adobe Acrobat Reader v7 couldn't be easier. Use Document Read or cursor through the text using Dolphin's Virtual Focus. PDF forms are also accessible with v6.50.
  • PowerPoint support.
  • ScreenReader v6.50 now provides unparalleled support for PowerPoint. Create your own slides and slide shows and use your Braille display or headphones to read slide notes quietly while giving a presentation! Graphics, slide text, bullet levels, basic animation and charts are all supported.

New lists for Word

  • Want to know more about your Word Document? Pull up a list of changes, spelling or grammar errors and jump right to each one. Makes editing or proofing quick and easy.

New hot keys

  • Change Capital Announcement on the fly and cycle key echo settings between character, word, both or none. Read paragraph and move to next and previous paragraph; read sentence and move to next and previous sentence. Read table row or table column, read from cell or to cell.

International Keyboard Manager

  • Your Dolphin software will automatically select your keyboard layout according to the language edition you are using. If you want to choose a different keyboard, simply select your keyboard language from the list.

Hot Keys sets for cross-over users

  • As more people make the move, full hot key lists are now available for people switching from JFW, Magic or Zoomtext. Quick internet navigation keys (H for Heading etc.) are also supported. This keeps the learning curve short so it's easier to switch to Dolphin software!


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