Languages supported: Danish, English (United Kingdom), English (United States), Finnish, French, German, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish

EasyReader 8.04 is now available from the Microsoft Store and includes a number of fixes and improvements.


FIX: Books with expiry dates are now returned as expected: Some of the libraries available in EasyReader use a borrowing system to allow users to borrow and return books. This includes DZB Lezen (Germany), Legimus (Sweden), NBH Hamburg (Germany), NKL (Finland), NLB (Norway), Nota (Denmark) and Ver Onb Lezen (The Netherlands). A fix has been applied to ensure these books are deleted from EasyReader’s My Books list once they are due to be returned to the library.


FIX: Bookshare Periodicals - now able to list all available newspapers: A fix has been applied to ensure users in the United States can search the entire range of newspapers available from Bookshare Periodicals. The library includes more than 700 different newspapers. Rather than creating one big list, the publications are separated into pages of 100 at a time.


FIX: Improved EPUB support: EasyReader’s support for EPUB titles has been extended to work with more libraries. With EasyReader 8.04, you can now download and read EPUB titles from Passend Lezen (the Netherlands) and NLB (Norway).


NEW: Dutch and French translations: EasyReader 8.04 now includes user interface translations for Dutch and French.


FIX: Book cover thumbnails for Nota: EasyReader 8.04 now displays cover images for books from the Nota library (Denmark)


FIX: EasyReader language now set by Windows: By default, EasyReader now recognises the language that Windows is set to on the device to decide which language the user interface should be in.

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