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What's New in SuperNova 19.05?

SuperNova 19.05 includes a host of improvements, including improved support for Optical Zoom in Connect & View plus improvements to Bold fonts, video calling applications, Chrome and Firefox web browsers and much more. 

Improved camera support in Connect & View

  • NEW: If you are using a camera that supports Optical zoom, you can now switch between digital zoom (where SuperNova zooms in and out) and optical zoom (where the camera zooms in and out for greater detail) using the shortcut key LEFT CTRL + NUMPAD 4

Bold fonts improvements

  • NEW: SuperNova’s Bold fonts now enhances the clarity of text even when magnification is turned off (Windows 10 only). 

Improvements in Skype, Teams and Zoom

  • FIX: SuperNova’s speech now announces the menu bar in Skype 8 as expected
  • FIX: The recent files list in the Teams file view is now tracked and output to speech and Braille correctly
  • FIX: During a video call in Teams, the ‘Gallery’ item in more actions is now tracked and output through speech and Braille as expected
  • FIX: SuperNova’s speech now announces characters in Zoom’s search edit field as expected

Improvements for Chrome and Firefox

  • FIX: SuperNova’s speech now announces pull down list boxes correctly in Chrome and Firefox
  • FIX: SuperNova’s quick navigation key ‘C’ now moves through all available list boxes in Chrome
  • FIX: SuperNova’s speech now announces the ‘Downloads’ bar in Chrome as expected
  • FIX: SuperNova’s speech no longer announces certain links twice in Firefox
  • FIX: Firefox no longer hangs when using SuperNova Magnifier (or if the profile is set to Magnifier)

Improvements for receiving future versions

  • NEW: Improvements have been made to SuperNova’s Internet Updater, making it easier for customers to receive major as well as minor version upgrades. Gone are the days where major versions needed to be manually downloaded and unlocked. Following the release of 19.05, customers who have an active Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) or Software Updates Program (SUP) will automatically receive and unlock future major version upgrades over SuperNova’s Internet Updater as soon as they are available. 

Other fixes and improvements

  • NEW: Braille devices - SuperNova now supports Brailliant X40 and X20 Braille displays
  • FIX: Braille devices - improvements have been made for connecting to the Humanware Mantis display via USB
  • FIX: Doc Reader - users can now launch the Doc Reader from a Microsoft Word document as expected
  • FIX: Doc Reader - SuperNova now launches the Doc Reader correctly if you are using SuperNova Magnifier or have the Magnifier profile set
  • FIX: Microsoft Word 2016 - SuperNova’s magnification now correctly tracks the focus in the ‘Editor’ pane
  • FIX: Microsoft Outlook 2016 - SuperNova now announces the ‘New Event Time’ drop down
  • FIX: Microsoft Office - Pop-up and context menus are now detected in languages where text is displayed from right to left text (e.g. Arabic, Hebrew)
  • NEW: Enterprise – SuperNova Magnifier has been re-certified by the specialists at the SAP Accessibility Competence Centre. SuperNova remains the only professional magnifier certified for use with the SAP GUI (graphical user interface). 
  • FIX: Enterprise - SuperNova now correctly tracks the focus when pop-up menus open in SAP (this issue affected customers who were using SuperNova Magnifier or had the Magnifier profile selected)
  • FIX: Enterprise - Improvements have been made to the Enterprise configuration utility to allow customers to correctly enable and disable items from SuperNova’s media tab.
  • FIX: Scan and Read - SuperNova can now choose to scan a page range when selecting a file to scan.
  • FIX: Scan and Read – The shortcut key Caps Lock + O now launches the scan and read from scanner from any application 
  • FIX: Scan and Read – If you are using Connect & View and launch scan and read (using CAPS LOCK + O), after exiting the scanned text you are now returned to Connect & View as expected 
  • FIX: Windows Explorer – SuperNova’s speech is now more responsive in announcing the names of files and folders in Windows Explorer. The shortcut key LEFT SHIFT + NUMPAD 0 has also been added to read additional information about the file or folder.

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