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The update to SuperNova 20.06 includes the following fixes and improvements:

  • FIX: Google Chrome. The File menu in Google Chrome is now opened and announced as expected. This issue occurred when using Windows 11. 
  • FIX: Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 and later. The speech now correctly announces comments that are being added to a PowerPoint presentation. 
  • FIX: Microsoft Word 2019 and later. SuperNova no longer closes after opening a Word document from a German version of Windows. 
  • FIX: Microsoft Word 2019 and later. The speech now correctly announces table cells after selecting them using the shortcut key SHIFT + END.
  • FIX: Microsoft Word 2019 and later. The speech now announces links within a document as expected. 
  • FIX: Microsoft Word 2019 or later. The cursor is now moved to the correct character in a document after pressing the cursor routing keys on a connected braille display.  
  • FIX: Microsoft Word 2019 and later. The speech now correctly announces suggested words from the Thesaurus in Microsoft Word.
  • FIX: Microsoft Word 2019 and later. The Dolphin Cursor now correctly places the focus in the Microsoft Word search box after pressing the shortcut key ALT + Q. 
  • FIX: Thunderbird. The speech now announces the email suggestion drop down as expected.
  • FIX: Translations. Updated prompts are now included for people using the Turkish language version of SuperNova. This includes Turkish prompts for the device power status, the Launchpad feature, keyboard languages and more.
  • FIX: Windows 11. Information about a file or folder in File Explorer (such as the date, size etc.) is now correctly announced by the speech after pressing the Additional Focus Information key (LEFT SHIFT + NUMPAD 0). 
  • FIX: Windows 11. The shortcut key LEFT SHIFT + NUMPAD SLASH now correctly moves the Dolphin Cursor to the System Tray in Windows 11. The system tray is also now listed in the Item Finder as expected.

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