EasyReader - Open a book from My Books

When you open EasyReader, you will go straight to the ‘My Books’ list. This contains a list of all the books available for you to read. If you have not added any books to your list, EasyReader will provide instructions for adding a new title.

To open a book in the Reader:

  1. Find the book in the ‘My Books’ list
  2. Tap on the book cover image for your chosen title. EasyReader will open the book in the Reader

For more information about the book:

  1. Find the book in the ‘My Books’ list
  2. Tap the ‘book information’ button icon to the right of the title. This will open the ‘Book Information’ screen which includes a description of the book along with further options to open or delete the book

You can return to the ‘My Books’ list at any time. To do this:

  1. Select the ‘side menu’ button icon at the top left of the screen
  2. Choose ‘My Books’

Whilst using the ‘My Books’ list, you can also:

  • Use the search box icon to find a specific title or author from your ‘My Books’ list
  • Use the Sort button icon to sort your ‘My Books’ list by title, author or date
  • Use the List / tile view icon button to switch between viewing ‘My Books’ as a list or a grid. Please note - the tile view option is only available if you are using EasyReader on an iOS device.