EasyReader for iOS and Android - Reader overview | Dolphin Computer Access

Below is an image of the Reader followed by a description of each of the buttons. (Please note - the image below is of EasyReader on an iOS device. There are slight variances if you are using EasyReader on an Android device).

Buttons include 1. Side Menu, 2. Search, 3. Bookmark, 4. Sleep timer, 5. Text settings, 6. Audio settings, 7. History back, 8. Book navigation, 9. Play, 10. Navigation settings, 11. Navigation slider

  1. Side menu - located at the top left of the screen
    Find a different book or newspaper to read from a library or open a clipboard text to read.
  2. Search - located at the top of the screen
    Search for a word or phrase in the book.
  3. Add bookmark - located at the top of the screen
    Add text or recorded notes to remind you about particular sections of the book. Please note – bookmarks are available for content opened from your My Books list only.
  4. Sleep timer - located at the top of the screen
    Set a timer for 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes.
  5. Text settings - located near the top right of the screen
    Change text settings, including the font, text size, spacing, colors, and more.
  6. Audio settings - located at the top right of the screen
    Change audio settings, including the voice, reading speed, pronunciation and more.
  7. History back – located near the bottom left of the screen
    Go back to the position in the book where you last started reading from.
  8. Book navigation - located at the bottom left of the screen
    Open a list of headings, page numbers and bookmarks.
  9. Play - located at the bottom middle of the screen
    Play and pause the reading voice. Use the Next and Previous buttons either side to skip forward and backwards.
  10. Navigation settings - located at the bottom right of the screen
    Choose how far the previous and next buttons skip in the book.
  11. Navigation slider – located above the Play button
    Skip through the current section of the book.

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