EasyReader - List of gestures | Dolphin Computer Access

You can use gestures to play and pause EasyReader’s audio, skip forward and backward, increase and decrease the reading speed and much more. Here is a complete list of gestures. Please note - these gestures can only be used when you are reading a book or newspaper in the Reader:

 Gesture  Action
 Single tap   Moves the highlight to the specific text
 Double tap   Read the chosen word using default TTS voice
 Long tap  Selects the current word and opens the pop-up toolbar
 One finger swipe up / down  Scrolls the text in the Reader up / down
 Two finger pinch / stretch  Decreases / increases the size of the text
 Two finger double tap  Start / pause playback
 Two finger swipe left / right  Skip backward / forward
 Two finger swipe up / down  Increases / decreases the audio speed