Dolphin Converter - Directly from Dolphin Converter

To convert a document from the Dolphin Converter application:

  1. Open Dolphin Converter by selecting the application icon icon from the Windows Desktop. The Dolphin Converter interface will open.
  2. Dolphin Converter will provide options to allow you to get started with your conversion:
    1. Choose file: Choose the Microsoft Word document you would like to convert using the ‘Browse’ button.
    2. Convert to: Choose the format you would like to convert the document into using the dropdown list.
  1. Select ‘Next’ to continue to the Dolphin Converter settings screen.
  2. Dolphin Converter will now provide options for you to customise your converted document:
    1. Settings for your output: Choose the settings you would like to apply to your converted document. The settings will be different depending on the format you have chosen.
    2. Output folder: Choose where you would like your converted document to be saved to using the ‘Browse’ button.
  1. Select ‘Start’. Dolphin Converter will now convert your document based on the settings you have chosen. The progress of the conversion will be displayed on the screen, along with an ‘Abort’ button which will cancel the conversion if selected.
  2. Once the conversion is complete, Dolphin Converter will open a pop-up box displaying information about your conversion, along with two options:
    1. Choose ‘Show Location’ to open the location of the converted document in File Explorer.
    2. Choose ‘Close’ to close Dolphin Converter.