Dolphin Converter - Braille options

When you convert a document into Braille, Dolphin Converter provides you with the following options:


  • Braille Table: This option allows you to specify the Braille table used for the conversion. This includes specifying the language of the Braille table, and whether the Braille should be contracted (display shorter versions of words in Braille to allow for faster reading) or uncontracted (display each word of Braille in full).


  • Paper size: This option allows you to specify the paper size you will be using to emboss (print) the Braille conversion. Dolphin Converter will automatically adjust the number of Braille characters per line, and the number of Braille lines per page based on the paper size selected.


  • Embosser: This option allows you to automatically send your Braille conversion to an embosser (Braille printer) once the conversion has completed. To do this, make sure your Braille embosser is connected to the computer and switched on, then simply choose your embosser from the ‘Embosser’ drop down list. If you do not have a Braille embosser or do not want to emboss your Braille conversion, choose ‘Do not emboss’ from the drop down menu.