Dolphin Converter - What is a DAISY talking book?

DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) is an international standard for the creation of digital talking books. DAISY books can be text-only, audio-only, or include fully synchronised text and audio. With Dolphin Converter , you can create fully synchronised text and audio DAISY talking books with any SAPI 5 compatible text-to-speech voice available on your computer.


When you convert your document into a DAISY talking book, Dolphin Converter will create a folder containing lots of files:

  • MP3 files – these contain the audio for your talking book
  • HTML files – these contain the text for your talking book
  • SMIL files – these synchronise the audio and the text in your talking book
  • XML files – these files contain information about your talking book
  • NCC.HTML file – this is the file to open to play your talking book