Dolphin Converter - How to set up a new Dolphin Account
  1. Open Dolphin Converter by selecting the application icon icon from the Windows Desktop. The first time you use Dolphin Converter, you will be asked to log in to a Dolphin Account. If you do not have a Dolphin Account, don’t worry, it’s free and really easy to set up:
  2. When you are asked to log in, choose the ‘sign up’ link below the ‘login’ button. This will open a web page where you can register for a new Dolphin Account.
  3. Enter your email address and set a password for your Dolphin Account, and then select ‘Submit’.
  4. After selecting ‘submit’, your Dolphin Account will be ready to use straight away. You can return to Dolphin Converter, enter your email address and password and get started with Dolphin Converter.

Please note: You will be sent an email from Dolphin which includes a link to verify your Dolphin Account. You need to verify your Dolphin Account within 7 days, otherwise your Dolphin Account will stop working.