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Read, copy or delete an existing book

Note: Some libraries require you to register with them before you can download a book. If you want to use these libraries, then you must first contact the library to register with them. Once you are fully registered the library will provide you with user account details.

Using Books, you can open, copy and delete books you download from online libraries.

To do this from the SuperNova control panel:

  1. Press ALT + M. The Media menu opens.
  2. DOWN ARROW to Books and RIGHT ARROW. A submenu opens.
  3. DOWN ARROW to My Books and press ENTER. A list opens showing available books.
  4. DOWN ARROW to the book you want to open, copy or delete and press ENTER. A dialog box opens.

The books submenu with my books highlighted

From here you can do any of the following:

Read the book

  1. TAB to the Read Now button and press SPACEBAR. The book opens in the SuperNova Reader. NOTE: Refer to the earlier list of SuperNova Reader Keyboard Commands to navigate around the book.
  2. When you have stopped or finished reading the text, press ALT + F4 to close the window.

The read now button highlighted

Copy the book to a portable device

  1. First ensure you have a portable device connected to the computer.
  2. TAB to the Send To button and press SPACEBAR. A dialog box opens listing the drives to which you can copy the book.
  3. Select the drive and press ENTER. A confirmation message appears when the process is complete.

?The send to button highlighted

Delete the book from the computer

  1. TAB to the Delete button and press SPACEBAR. A message window asks you to confirm.
  2. Choose Yes to delete the book.

The delete button highlighted