Meet Luke: Software Engineer | Dolphin Computer Access

When did you start at Dolphin and in what role?

I started working at Dolphin on the 10th of July, 2017 as the main website developer.

What qualifications or experience did you have?

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science with a specialty in Software Engineering from University of Hertfordshire. I’ve also operated my own website development business with a friend from university, which lasted just over a year before we decided to part ways and I wound up at Dolphin.

What made you choose Dolphin?

It was the mention of flexible hours and control over how I do my job!

What are the biggest challenges you have faced?

Finding my place in an already experienced development team, as well as adjusting to a software-oriented company atmosphere. I’ve had to overcome challenges with estimating and meeting deadlines, as well as making sure whatever we make publicly available actually works.

What sort of development have you received in your time at Dolphin?

Personally I’ve crafted a few friendships at Dolphin, with everyone willing and able to provide advice when needed! Professionally I’ve grown as a web developer while at Dolphin, and I continue to grow my knowledge as more projects, ideas, and bugs crop up.

How has your role developed?

While my role has remained the same, my responsibilities grew, starting with just fixing a few bugs here and there, to managing all the web projects, and all the integrated web-based services we use to connect our web solutions.

What do you rate in Dolphin as an employer?

The ability for me to do my job how I feel is best, and the inclusive atmosphere around the company keep me invested in the future of Dolphin and my career opportunities here.