Chapter List

Here is a list of the available profiles:

Note: Not all of the profiles listed below are available in every edition of SuperNova.

SuperNova profiles listMagnifier

Magnification only for mouse users wanting the fastest performance. It will magnify, follow the mouse pointer and track the cursor as you type. This profile disables all speech and Braille.

Magnifier & Speech with mouse

Magnification with occasional speech, designed for mouse users. This profile enables speech on demand: it will speak text under the mouse and includes hotkeys to read the current line, sentence or paragraph. This profile disables automatic speech, Dolphin Cursor, reading tools and Braille output from a Braille display.

Magnifier & Speech with keyboard

Magnification with some automatic speech for mouse and keyboard users. This profile will speak as you type and read the item in focus, such as menus, list items etc. It switches on the Dolphin Cursor so you can read a web-page from the keyboard. Read From Here and Doc Reader are also included for hands-free reading with speech. This profile disables screen reading descriptions and Braille output from a Braille display.

Magnifier & Screen Reader

This profile supports both mouse and keyboard users, offering magnification with full screen reading in speech and/or Braille via a Braille display. This profile is fully-featured and offers the greatest flexibility.

Screen Reader

Full speech and/or Braille screen reading designed for keyboard users with no useful sight. This profile disables all magnification and visual effects and enables Braille output via a Braille display.

Screen Reader with visual effects

Full speech and/or Braille screen reading for keyboard users. This profile disables magnification but enables visual effects including visual highlighting of the focus. This profile is recommended for those with a limited field of vision, or when sharing your screen with a sighted colleague or trainer.