My Existing Dolphin Software and the New Windows 11 Update

You have been referred to the Dolphin website by Microsoft because your current Dolphin software licence is not compatible with the latest Windows 11 update. 

In order for your Windows update to take effect, you need to upgrade to SuperNova version 20.04.

If you already use SuperNova 20, you should have already received your update to 20.04. If you haven't received your update, you can find this in the SuperNova Help menu, under 'check for updates'.

If you use SuperNova version 19 or earlier, there is a charge to upgrade to SuperNova 20. We recommend you purchase a SuperNova Upgrade Programme (SUP) as this is better value for money. 

SuperNova Upgrade Program (SUP)

The SuperNova Upgrade Program (SUP) is a pre-paid plan that includes two major upgrades of your SuperNova edition, plus automatic support for the latest Windows operating systems.

The SUP includes two major upgrades for the price of one, so it’s a cost-effective way of keeping your SuperNova product up to date.

With a SuperNova Upgrade Program, you will receive an update to SuperNova version 20 immediately and the next version of SuperNova free when it is released next year.  

To purchase your upgrade or SUP:

Call Dolphin on +44 (0) 1905 754 577

Complete a contact form

Locate and contact your Local Dolphin Dealer


Find out more about Dolphin assistive technology and Windows 11 at the Dolphin Blog.