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Exercise 1


I use WordPad to write letters to my family and Paint to edit the pictures I enclose with my letters. I like to have the Colour Scheme turned on when working in WordPad but turned off when working in Paint. I am finding it annoying that I have to keep toggling on and off the SuperNova Colour Scheme feature as I switch between applications. Can you help?

Trainer Tip: You can find these applications from the Windows Start Menu, All Programs, Accessories. If you do not have these Windows components installed, then choose two alternative applications instead.

Exercise 2

Hi again, Thank you for your previous help.

As you know, I use WordPad to write my letters to my family. While I work in WordPad I like SuperNova to say the words that I type. However, in the Save As dialog box I like SuperNova to say every character I type. I do this to make sure I give the file the correct name.

It would also be nice if the Open dialog box could use the same settings too. Can you help?

Exercise 3

Visit and find the Knowledge Base article that lists the Global Settings and Application Settings available in SuperNova. Review this article.