SuperNova Reviews | Dolphin Computer Access

Young woman with glasses. “SuperNova is brilliant and I use it daily.  As a totally blind person I can honestly say it enables me to retain a useful role in life which otherwise I couldn’t”

Robert Astington


"Big learning curve today. Attempted my first power point presentation ever. Could not have done it without #SuperNova"


“I love having SuperNova on my RNIB computer. It is running very smoothly and I have encountered no problems whatsoever; much more than can be said for my time with ZoomText!”  

Robin Spinks, Senior Manager, Digital Accessibility Consultancy Team, RNIB

“It certainly blows iZoom out of the water!”

Matthew Leese, Lead Citrix & Thin Client Infrastructure Engineer, DWF LLP

"The whole package is fantastic but the feature I like most is click and read. This allows me to pick out the areas that I wish to read rather than read the whole document or page."

Mark Abel, Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust

"It is very user friendly, good product back up which is based in the UK."

Caryn Reavy, Grimsby Institute

“I started using SuperNova 15 years ago. Since that time SuperNova became my faithful companion in the world of Windows-based computers and I saw a great growth of that product during that long period. As a computer trainer I've met many different users of SuperNova – folk musicians, bank officers, chefs, civil engineers, deaf-blind people, children and seniors. All of these users are the evidence that SuperNova’s versatility.  SuperNova brings these people new possibilities in both their professional and private lives.”

Jan Šnyrych

"It’s extremely important, because it gives me a lifeline of contact. You can look normal, and people treat you as normal, and that’s what we want."

Susan Ray, Shop Manager at Oxfam

"SuperNova is a significant breakthrough especially for partially sighted people buying new Windows PCs.  Having SuperNova's excellent colour and size options is a huge improvement over the basic Windows Magnifier for students and professionals with sight loss."

Steve Griffiths, RNIB

"I was introduced to SuperNova by the RNIB. I remember the first time SuperNova was demonstrated to me; I couldn't believe it, I could read again. SuperNova saved my life. It gave me back my freedom."

Richard Bernard, Author & Retired Social Worker

"It has made a huge difference because I have been able to access a computer like everybody else and I’ve been able to read books like everyone else. It’s made a big difference because I can see everything now. "

Amy, Student at New College Worcester

"We decided that we needed to look at what software we used for the students, bearing in mind that we had students all over the county, and we had blind students as well as partially sighted students. Rather than using a variety of different software, we decided that we would use one, specialist software as a basis. SuperNova meets the needs of our blind children as well as our partially sighted children."

Marie Scott, Team Leader for Visual Impairment, County Durham

"SuperNova? It's superlative! Becoming registered blind eight years ago, I sought information on the best equipment available. My first purchase was a CCTV and, following an impressive demo of SuperNova and realising that Dolphin was way ahead in the field, I bought the whole package from Dolphin.  I opted for Magnifier & Speech to start with, changing to Magnifier & Screen Reader after a few years. Being a touch-typist helped, but there is absolutely no doubt that without the voice I would not be able to access the internet at all.  Anything I want to do, I can and I am constantly amazed at the range of features that SuperNova has - I'm sure I'm using only a fraction of them."

Susan Buckingham, New Milton, Hampshire