Chapter List

Put away the mouse to complete the following exercises...

Exercise 1

Spend approximately 10 minutes becoming familiar with using the keyboard to get around the SuperNova Control Panel. Consider the layout of the Control Panel and how options are grouped together. Contrast this with the key strokes you use to get around the Pop-up Menu version of the SuperNova Control Panel.

Exercise 2

How many key presses does it require to select the Quit SuperNova option in the SuperNova Control Panel compared to selecting the same item in the SuperNova Pop-up Menu?

Exercise 3

Can you find the General, Control Panel setting that hides the Control Panel when it is minimised? Select this option and notice the effect it has when you press ESCAPE to leave the SuperNova Control Panel.

Exercise 4

Can you find out about the version number of SuperNova you are running? This information is a great help when users require support from the local dealer or from Dolphin Product Support.