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Hooked Areas allow you to capture part of the screen you wouldn't otherwise be able to see because the screen is magnified.

a hooked area around the formula bar on an excel spreadsheet

You can create, adjust and delete Hooked Areas by using the following SuperNova hot keys:

 Function  Hot key
 Create a new Hook (using magnification modification mode)  LEFT CONTROL + NUMPAD 5
 Move the Hook  ARROW KEYS
 Adjust the size of the Hook  LEFT CONTROL + ARROW KEYS
 Change the content of the Hook  LEFT SHIFT + ARROW KEYS
 Increase magnification  LEFT CONTROL + NUMPAD PLUS (+)
 Reduce magnification  LEFT CONTROL + NUMPAD MINUS (-)
 Save Hook (by leaving magnification modification mode)  ESCAPE
 Edit a Hook (repeated presses cycles you through all available Hooks)  LEFT CONTROL + NUMPAD 6 
 Delete Hook (requires you to select the Hook in magnification modification mode)  DELETE
 Toggle Hooks On / Off  LEFT CONTROL + NUMPAD 3


Trainer Tip: You can also create Hooked Areas using the mouse. For full details about doing this, please refer to the SuperNova Manual.