Tieman Braille Voyager Braille Button Assignments

Tieman Braille Voyager Braille DisplayThe default button assignments for the Tieman Braille Voyager Braille display are listed below.

You can also discover what your Braille display buttons do by using SuperNova's and ScreenReader's Key Describe Modes.

To use Key Describe Mode, simply press CAPS LOCK + FORWARD SLASH and then press the buttons or button combinations on the display to find out what they do.

To leave Key Describe Mode, press CAPS LOCK + FORWARD SLASH again.

Open Control Panel:

Open Control Panel: B1 + B2 + B3 + B4 + B5 + B6


Back: T1
Bottom: B4 + B5 + B6
Document Read Back: T1 + B4
Document Read Forward: T4 + B4
Cell Left: B1 + B2 + B6
Cell Right: B3 + B4 + B5
Cursor on off: B5
Cursor Style: B1 + B3 + B4 + B5 + B6
Cycle Attributes: B1 + B2 + B3 + B5 + B6
Describe Character on off: B1 + B4
Eight Dot Six Dot: B2 + B3 + B6
Enhance on off: B4 + B5
Expand Gaps on off: B2
Forward: T4
Go To Focus: T2 + T3
Hooks on off: B1 + B2 + B5
Input on off: T1 + T4
Layout on off: B1 + B4 + B5 + B6
Line down: T3
Line End: B6
Line Start: B3
Line up: T2
Literary Braille on off: B1 + B2 + B4 + B5
Braille Monitor on off: B1 + B3 + B4
Braille On Off: B3 + B6
Physical/Logical Mode: B1
Routing Button Action in Dolphin Cursor: B1 + B3
Routing Button Action: B1 + B3
Second Routing Button Action in Dolphin Cursor: B4 + B6
Second Routing Button Action: B4 + B6
Top: B1 + B2 + B3
Tracking on off: B1 + B2
Tremble Capitals on off: B2 + B4 + B5 + B6

Dolphin Cursor:

Turn Dolphin Cursor off: B1 + B2 + B4
Turn Dolphin Cursor on: B1 + B2 + B3 + B6
Heading Next: T4 + B5
Heading Prev: T1 + B2
Move Physical Down: T3 + T4
Move Physical Up: T1 + T2
Table Down: T3 + B5 + B6
Table Left: T1 + B2 + B3
Table Next: T4 + B3 + B6
Table Prev: T1 + B3 + B6
Table Right: T4 + B5 + B6
Table Up: T2 + B2 + B3

Item Finder:

List frames or objects: T3 + B1
List headings: T2 + B1
List links: T1 + B1
List System Tray: T4 + B1

Simulate Key Press:

Down: T3 + B4
Enter: B1 + B5
Escape: B2 + B5
Shift Tab: B2 + B3
Tab: B5 + B6
Up: T2 + B4
Windows: B2 + B3 + B4


Speak Keys Status (Multikey): B3 + B4
Speak Keys Where am I?: B2 + B4
Time and date: B2 + B3 + B4 + B5

NB: **WARNING** input key is also a sticky key.  Input has priority over sticky