SuperNova in Tanzania: Magnification and Screen Reading

Professor Wim Blonk, of the Close the Gap organization, talks about how SuperNova empowers blind and low vision students in African schools. Find out more at Twitter: Facebook:


Wim Blonk: The main objective of Close the Gap non-profit organisation is removing the barriers to digital literacy for the developing countries.

Receiving the computers from big companies; Dell; AirFrance; Microsoft.  These computers are then made available to projects in African countries mainly. We were making available in Tanzania, in Moshi.

I came in contact with the Longido School for blind and visually impaired children. I offered to re-empower the existing computer classroom with the computers with SuperNova. 

SuperNova gives them access to IT and it gives them access to the digital world. They are using all the 3 aspects of SuperNova - magnification, the speech and the Braille. They have access to the lesson material which in the past was very difficult because they couldn’t read it.

SuperNova: Our short story (dot)

One day I was travelling to Moshi (dot)

Wim Blonk:  I have seen with my own eyes how fast visual impaired learners are able to work with SuperNova. They are gone with it in half an hour.

SuperNova, in my opinion, gives disabled young persons access to the immense possibilities of the World Wide Web. It allows them also to take care of themselves without being dependant on others.

Would you recommend SuperNova again to the schools in developing countries? Without any doubt and for sure. It is incredible.

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