My Changing Sight, through Primary to Secondary School

With Chelsea's sight changing over primary and secondary school, SuperNova was able to help her complete her education, with HD magnification, high contrast colour schemes, and natural sounding voices. Find out more at Twitter: Facebook:


Chelsea: My name is Chelsea, I go to New College Worcester, and my eye condition is Optic Atrophy which means my optic nerves don’t work very well.


When I was at primary, I did a trial with SuperNova. I loved it so much. It was so easy to use, and now that I still use it I’m able to do all my school work on it. Mainly English, Geography and Maths; I found that so much more easy to be able to do my homework. I was able to go on the internet, I’m able to send emails, I can just do so much more using SuperNova.


I use the mouse pointer, so I have a dark blue mouse, I can see it better. I use the inverted colours, so if my eyes are on a bad day and don’t like the light, I can see it because I can make it darker. And I also use a lot of magnification. I was on a number 8 with my magnification, as I’ve got into secondary my eyes have got worse so now I’m a 16.


I use the speech when I’ve got something really long to read, or if my eyes aren’t working as good that day. I don’t have to then strain my eyes to read it.


SuperNova: Also I am excited to go and see my buddy dog Zak.


Chelsea: So when I’m in class doing SuperNova I can keep up with everyone else, I’m not delayed and behind. I was able to work the exact same as all my classmates, I was no different.

I will definitely keep using SuperNova, it’s such a big help.


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