How to use GuideConnect - With the Touchscreen

In this video, we'll learn how to control GuideConnect with the touchscreen, for easy access to emails, talking books and the internet. Designed for people with visual impairments, GuideConnect helps people who are losing their sight stay independent for longer. It connects you to friends and family, and provides easy access to a range of entertainment. In this video we show how to make video calls on GuideConnect. Available on computer, tablet or TV Quick to learn with simple menus Customise the icons and text size Easy to control with four keys Type or dictate text Voices guide you through menus Reliable support and training --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Find out more at Twitter: Facebook: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #YourDolphin #assistivetechnology #GuideConnect


In this video, you’ll learn how to control GuideConnect using the touchscreen buttons.  To move around using the touchscreen, there are six buttons located on the edges of the screen. If you hold your tablet lengthways, you can tap these buttons using your thumbs.

The ‘Next’ button, on the right edge, moves you to the next item on the screen. The ‘Previous’ button, on the left edge, moves you to the previous item. The ‘OK’ button, at the bottom right edge, selects the item and opens a new screen.  You can select any item on this screen, by tapping directly on the item. Tap once to have the item read out loud, and tap twice to open the item. The ‘Back’ button, at the bottom left edge, moves you back to the previous screen.

When you move to certain screens, GuideConnect will tell you when Actions are available. To open the Actions menu, tap the blue button at the top left corner of the screen. Tap the yellow button at the top right corner for Help and Information about your device, such as notifications, whether you’re connected to the internet and more. Select the first item in the menu, which is called ‘Help’, to open help for the feature you are using.

We hope you enjoy using GuideConnect. And remember, if you need help at any time, visit us online at, or contact your local dealer.