How to use GuideConnect - Voice Input (English Speaking)

In this video, we'll learn how to write and dictate text, as well as asking questions in Google, using GuideConnect's Voice Input controls. Designed for people with visual impairments, GuideConnect helps people who are losing their sight stay independent for longer. It connects you to friends and family, and provides easy access to a range of entertainment. In this video we show how to make video calls on GuideConnect. Available on computer, tablet or TV Quick to learn with simple menus Customise the icons and text size Easy to control with four keys Type or dictate text Voices guide you through menus Reliable support and training --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Find out more at Twitter: Facebook: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #YourDolphin #assistivetechnology #GuideConnect


In this video, you’ll learn how to dictate your text, using GuideConnect’s Voice Input.

When using Voice Input, you will still need to navigate GuideConnect, using either the keyboard, remote or touchscreen controls.  To use Voice Input, first, open a document or email in GuideConnect, where you can type text or numbers with your keyboard.

GuideConnect will tell you when Voice Input is available, and a green speaker button, will appear near the top right of screen, next to the yellow help button.

If you’re using a keyboard and mouse, press F6 on your keyboard, or click the Voice Input button with your mouse, to begin speaking. GuideConnect will play a sound and you can start speaking your text.

“Hello, my name is Mary.”

After a 3 second pause, GuideConnect will stop recording, and your spoken text will be written on screen. When speaking your text, you can add commas, question marks and full stops at the end of your sentence, by announcing the symbol at the end of your speech.

“I hope you have a wonderful day, full stop.”

You can now use the arrow keys, to go through the text, and change letters and spellings with your keyboard.

You can also use voice on a Touchscreen, by tapping the Voice Input button, near the top right of the screen. Alternatively, you can use voice input with the Dolphin Remote, by pressing, and holding the Voice Input button, below the circular pad.

You can use Voice Input, to search for questions and answers on the internet. First, select the Websites item, from the main menu, then select the home page item. GuideConnect will open a new webpage, and the green Voice Input button will appear near the top right of screen. Select the voice input button, and ask your question or query you would like to know.

“What are the top ten cooking books?”

GuideConnect will then open a list of search results on a new webpage, allowing you to browse the answers, using the arrow keys.

We hope you enjoy using GuideConnect. And remember, if you need help at any time, visit us online, at, or contact your local dealer.