Overcoming Sight loss at University, with SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader

Meet Charlotte, a VI student at the University of Greenwich, completing her Finance and Accounting course with the help of SuperNova Magnifier and Screen Reader. Find out more at https://yourdolphin.com/supernova Twitter: https://twitter.com/yourdolphin Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YourDolphin/



My name’s Charlotte Nickson, I’m a university student at the University of Greenwich.

I’ve lived in London for a year now doing Finance and Accounting, Greenwich I thought was the best. I’ve always been quite good at maths and I like working with numbers. We have a mix of exams and course work. Though we learn a lot of theory, we also learn a lot of practical skills.

Layla is my guide dog, the other part of the team. Usually the one making sure that I’m safe when I’m out in public. She’s far cuter than a long cane I think.

I have three genetic eye conditions, because one isn’t enough for anyone apparently.

My primary school teacher noticed that I was very bad at handwriting. She decided that it would be more useful if I learnt to touch type. I was taught to use SuperNova for the first time and have been more or less using it ever since.


SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader loaded.


SuperNova is an accessibility software that you can have on any PC or laptop.

I use SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader for all my coursework. When I’m writing a report or an essay I’d use the speech to spellcheck, but I might only have the magnifier when I’m actually typing because I can enlarge it enough that I can see that.

I sometimes reverse the colours, especially when using Excel, to make it easier for me to track what row and column I’m using. And I quite like using the highlight functions, especially when using the internet.

As my sight gets worse I find myself using more of the speech features on SuperNova than I used to when I was younger. But I also have the flexibility to change my magnification and it means that I don’t need to go and ask someone what my screen says, I don’t need someone to proof read stuff for me because I can get it to read back what I have written.


There are several different career paths you can take, and often which one you like the sound of the most, will drive what qualification you need to take.


So I use the SuperNova USB on any computer that doesn’t have a SuperNova licence already installed on it. I can use that computer. I’ve found that the university have been exceptionally supportive about allowing me to do that. And so all of the university computers here at Greenwich will allow you to use SuperNova.


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