What's New in SuperNova

With SuperNova, you can now increase the contrast in text and images, build multiple page documents from scans, read pages with instant hotkeys, and more. Find out more at https://yourdolphin.com/supernova Twitter: https://twitter.com/yourdolphin Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YourDolphin/


The latest edition of SuperNova, version 19; comes with a host of new features, to make magnifying and reading easier for you.


If you’re looking for more clarity, you can now use SuperNova’s bold fonts, to makes words and sentence stand out on every page. Choose the enhancements drop down menu, and choose either standard or true fonts, to make the text stand out in Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge, Office, or in your own applications.


And for websites with low contrast, you can switch on image sharping, to add contrast to text and images. You can also increase the contrast in SuperNova’s settings. Adjust the slider, and add even more vibrancy to text and images.


Next, you can scan and save multi-page documents at any time, with Connect and View. Take a picture with your camera, then select the pages button, at the top of the screen, and build you own multiple page document.


Double click on the left side of screen, to read your first page, and double click on the right side, to read your second page, and read your entire text with the play button. When you’re finished, you can export your whole multi-page document, as with text or images, to Microsoft Word.


Reading and reviewing text is easier too, with the new hotkeys to control Read from here. Switch on the reader, and use the arrow keys to skip line by line, getting you to where you want to be.  You can skip by paragraphs or sentences, by pressing the “P” and “S” keys repectively, or go back with the shift key and pressing P and S again. You can also slow down the reader, for extra clarity on vital text, or speed up the reader, to skim read your entire document.


And finally, you can change all these settings with the new compact control panel. Normally at 3 times magnification, the control panel will often take over the screen, but by pressing the windows key and the down arrow, you can remove labels and menus, and make the control panel more compact; while still accessing features with drop down menus. You can also toggle with your mouse at the top right of the panel, or press the windows key and the up arrow, to restore the control panel at anytime.


Try SuperNova for yourself, free for 30 days, at YourDolphin.com/SuperNova