Learn Dolphin Publisher: The build process

Dolphin Publisher is computer software which enables you to create human narrated DAISY talking books for people with visual impairments and learning disabilities. This video shows you how to build a project using Dolphin Publisher.


Now let's take our completed Dolphin Publisher project and output is as a Daisy 2.02, MP3 digital talking book. 

With the completed project open in Dolphin Publisher I will now select 'project' from the top toolbar and then 'build project'. This will open the build options dialogue. This dialogue contains a number of features and settings, but for the purpose of this demonstration I will focus on simply outputting the project in the form of an MP3 Daisy book.

So next I select the 'encoding' tab and from here I first select the MP3 encoding rate. Let's make this one 64 kbps mono. Next I will choose the format to output to. I will select 'Daisy 2.02 audio and full text'. To begin the build process i will click on the start button and the build process will begin. Once completed a report will be displayed showing the results of the build process, and now the content is ready for distribution.

And that's it. We hope that you have enjoyed this short demonstration of Dolphin Publisher. Please contact Dolphin to find out more or visit www.yourdolphin.com. Thank you.