Learn Dolphin EasyConverter - Using the Project View Tools

This video tutorial shows you how to use EasyConverter to convert a hard copy document (scanning pages) to an electronic text file. We will then show you how to use the 'Project View' tools to convert this file to an MP3 file. Find out more at https://yourdolphin.com/easyconverter


 Hello and welcome to the Dolphin EasyConverter tutorials. In this tutorial I am going to take a hard copy document and turn it into an electronic text file. I am then going to use the tools within the project view section to edit the document within Microsoft Word and then convert it into an MP3. Firstly I am going to choose ‘Quick Conversion’. Now I want to scan a hard copy document, so I am going to select ‘scan one or more papers’. I am then going to choose next to move onto the next stage. This is the stage where I can decide what format I want to convert my hard copy document into. As you can see I already have text selected. The output name is shown here. If I wish to edit this, this is the time to do so. This is where the output will be saved to. If I wish to save this I can select browse and then select a new location. Additional destinations. Here I can decide to save a copy of my output. I can also send it directly to a printer. I don’t want to do this, so I’m just going to leave it as ‘no copy to’. I’m now going to select finish to begin my conversion. If I want to add anymore pages to the conversion I can select add more pages. I’ve only got the one so I am going to select ‘stop loading pages’. When the status bar reaches 100% I can select ‘done’. My text file is now shown here under ‘Resulting alternative formats’. To view the text file I can select it and then click on ‘view output’. My text file is then opened in Microsoft Notepad. Now to look at the project view section. All the information I need about the document is shown here under ‘title’ ‘input’ and ‘project’. Now I am going to edit the document within Microsoft Word, so I simply select ‘edit document’. My document is now opened within Microsoft Word. I am going to perform some simple editing on this document. I am going to add some headings. Adding headings is a good idea, as it allows you to quickly add structure to your conversion. I am going to use ‘Heading 1’, ‘Heading 2’ and ‘Heading 3’. I can now choose ‘save and return’ to go back to the main interface. I can now select ‘new output’. From here I can choose a new resulting alternative format. I am going to choose MP3. As we can see here Dolphin EasyConverter is asking me about the headings. I added 3 headings to my document, so this mean it will be split up into 3 sections. Now I can choose ‘Next’ and move on to the next stage. Choose the output name for MP3. Here I can alter the name of my MP3. I am going to change it to ‘new MP3’. I can also choose to append some extra information on to the output name. I can choose MP3, date it was created, the voice that was used, and also the lexicon. If I don’t want to add this information I can simply uncheck this check box. The location that the output will be saved to is shown here. I can now choose ‘next’ and move on to the next section. Copy your alternative format. Here I can choose to save a copy of my alternative format. I can also burn it straight to DVD or CD or directly to a USB device. I am going to choose ‘no copy to’. I can now select next to move on the final stage. I can now click ‘Finish’ to begin the conversion. When the status bar has reached 100 % I can choose done. My new alternative format is now shown under ‘Resulting alternative format’. To view the MP3 I can select it and then choose ‘View output’. As you can see my MP3 is split up into 3 sections. This is due to the heading styles that I put in place.

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