Learn SuperNova: Magnifier Basics

An introduction to the SuperNova Magnifier. For SuperNova Magnifier, Magnifier & Speech, and Magnifier & Screen Reader. When SuperNova's magnifier is switched on, text and controls on your screen appear enlarged from 1.2 up to 60 times their original size. SuperNova tracks the mouse keeping the area around the mouse pointer magnified at all times. SuperNova's Magnifier can be switched On and Off with the mouse or hotkeys. You can toggle magnification on and off by clicking the Magnifier button in the Visual section of the SuperNova Control Panel. If you want to switch the magnifier on or off without moving the mouse, you can press LEFT CONTROL+NUMPAD ENTER from anywhere in Windows. If you want to change the amount of magnification click the Size list box in the SuperNova Control Panel or press LEFT CONTROL+NUMPAD PLUS or MINUS from any Windows application.